Welcome to Farmaish Club

Welcome to Farmaish Club

Rakesh Shah

Farmaish means “Sound of Soul”. Lets enjoy it together.

Presenting memorable songs program in totally unique style will be the motto of our own Vadodara’s Farmaish Club. It is said for art that whatever you know is more & whatever you can enjoy is most. To get eternal peace listen to music & enjoy the song.

साहित्य, संगीत – कला विहीन: संगीत पशु: पुच्छ विषाणहीन: (A person who has no interest in literature. music, art is like a real animal without tail and horns.) When sound of the Music takes the form of song then it creates the kingdom of tunes & rhythm. So, lets enjoy together harmony of arts to get eternal joy.

Rakesh Shah, Mob:98250 14789